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What if you could organise your podcast in one easy to use app?

The easiest way to manage your podcast interviews. We'll save you heaps of time by combining multiple disconnected apps into one, easy to use platform.

Podcaster Plus

You started a podcast to enjoy it, to reach your audience and get your ideas out there.

You have something to say, something that you want to share with the audience that is out there, waiting to hear it.

Perhaps it's just for fun, or for your business. Whatever the reason, podcasting is a great thing to do, and it's growing in popularity all the time.

Only, it's not working out that way at the moment.

Podcasting is great but you're getting drowned by the dull tasks that you need to do to manage your podcast.

Instead of working hard on the podcast content you find that you are spending hours organising your podcast which is not something to expected you'd need to do when you started out.

Because you're so busy you don't manage to keep your podcast guests updated, they fail to show up and you don't follow up with them to share the show with their audience.

It's just a waste of your time learning how to connect multiple apps like a booking system, email, show note documents just so that you can record your podcast interviews.

It just does not look professional the way that all of your systems are hanging together by a thread.


I'm Nathan, and I'd like to introduce you to Podcaster Plus, the easiest way to manage your podcast shows so that there's less work and more time for you to create the podcast. That's what you got into this for, right?

I've been a podcaster for over four years and know all too well the frustration of having to organise my show:

Finding new guests which will having something valuable to add to my show

Getting in touch with them via email, Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp and the rest to see if they are interested in appearing on my podcast

Organising a time which suits both parties - this bit can be a real time suck

Creating show notes so we all know what we will cover in the show

Sending out reminders to make sure that the guests don't do a 'no-show' - what a complete waste of time that is

Following with the guests when the show goes live to prompt them to share it with their audience

Introducing...Podcaster Plus!

The best way to organise your podcast. Find guests, manage bookings, messaging and much more...

So what exactly does it do?


Podcasters waste over 2.5 hours per episode micro-managing guests, schedules & calendars.

Waste less time on these dull jobs allowing you to focus on creating content for & growing your wonderful Podcast.

Create podcasts with multiple users - you and those co-hosts

What about shows with multiple guests in the shows - yep!

Centralized podcaster & guest communication

Countless emails, video calls, instant messages & cancellations... Just for one interview! What if you could put it all in one place?

Connect all your Google Calendars and never get booked when you've got something else on

Tell us when you're free and busy, how long your show is and we'll set up a page where people can book onto your show

Don't want to be rushed? Block off the next couple of weeks - that's better!


Show notes & messaging

Create & collaborate on notes that your guests will love... text, links, videos, images - really get across what you're about

Save templates for different show types so that you don't need to keep rewriting the same things

Keep in touch with built in messaging, if they're away we'll email what you wrote so they'll never miss a thing

Guest reminders & automation

Reduce 'no-shows' by reminding guests about their podcast appointment

Tell them that the show has just gone live so that they can amplify it on social media

Podcaster Plus

Bring it all under one roof

Get yourself set in just 5 minutes.
No credit card required.

Podcaster Plus saved me hours of time each month. I no longer have to do the dull tasks that I used to. I set up Podcaster Plus and now I'm just working on my podcast, but the tasks that my podcast requires!

Paul Lacey

Paul Lacey

The Great Show

I built this app to cut down on the time that I wasted on tasks such as emailing, creating show notes, fielding booking requests and so on. Podcaster Plus takes all of that away and most of those tasks not run on autopilot!


Nathan Wrigley

WP Builds and Co

Podcaster Plus



Podcaster Plus

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